Thursday, December 12, 2013

Lights camera action! 1

Today I was working with my friends.It was fun we did this play.Snowmen at Christmas.It was fun because I was them.The reason why it was fun is because we had fun.They almost made me crack up pout of laughing.I was Santa and they did every thing to make me look better.And I had a good time seeing other people do the play.At lunch we were talking on how to make it better.And that's weird because we usually just eat so that play was funny .They picked me so I felt cool.They made me laugh a lot.Just the same for me.I had lots of fun.They helped me I helped them.They worked and show  me what to do better.M let me ware his red jacket and his sharpener.And C told me how to ride my slay better(long story).

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Favorite time of the year

My favorite time of the year is Christmas because it brings joy.The reason my favorite time If the year is Christmas is because I get presents that are mistories because you do not know what they are.That is the joy of Christmas.

The second reason I love Christmas is because I love going to my grandmas house.And the trip is fun.That is the reason my favorite time of the year is Christmas...What is your favorite time of the year?

Comment on what your favorite time of the year is!


What does this say:

Monday, December 9, 2013

Game day!!

Sunday is my favorite day.I like watching the Dallas Cowboys play,and going to church.I like going to church because I see most of my friends,I learn about God.After church in my church gym I play football.                                                                

I really love on Sundays  when I get to watch the Dallas Cowboys play.Just not yesterday because it is Monday night football.I enjoy watching the Cowboys play.That is what I wait for all Sunday.But offseason in the summer is boring.
I really love Sundays watching football and going to church.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Reading the one and only Ivan.

The book is good because Ivan does have friends.I thought that he would have no friends when I saw this book.It is turning out to be a good book.Threre is a new animal coming to live at the mall.Stella is not happy about that.We have bearly red any pages but it is good

The book is cool because Ivan loves to draw like me.

Ivan is a gorilla who lives in the mall on exit 8.He loves his friend Stella .And they love there friend
His friend is bob. They do shows at 2:oo

Friday, November 22, 2013

Our Frogs

We have twelve frogs in our class.We divided them into groups of three.We had four houses for them.
They have sea wheat

I have observed:
1. I know that the frogs have webbed feet.
2. I saw that the frogs all crumbled together maybe they were having a meeting.
3.  Frogs eyes have a hole and a circle outside of it like Saturn.
4. One frog (Paul) was jumpey today 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A scarey day at school!!

Yesterday(Tuesday) Mrs.Morris fainted.She could still barley talk.She asked a guy in my class if he could get  the nurse.After that took so long and the nurse was not there she asked somebody if he could get Mrs.Jennings(she is close to our class).Later we all had to split in different classes.Me and my friend(Marquis)had to go in a Spanish class,so we barley had to do work!! I was so scared it I stayed calm.